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  • 24/7 Hour Service
  • 24/7 Hour Service

Terms and Condition

Special Requests

Special services as desired by you, will be charged extra as they are not included in Funeral Plan selected by you.

Plan Eligibility

In case of any untoward incidence before the Plan documents are not completed by you, we are not bound to provide any services. If the documentation is completed from your side, we shall provide services to you as per your selected Plan, if you have paid in full.

A maximum period of 10 days will be given to complete the paperwork from your side. Later within 20 days, we shall handover the completed Plan Documents to you.

Your Funeral Plan starts at the time of your Purchase of Plan with clear payment.

If the Plan payment is not paid in full at the time of death, your Nominee/Representative has to pay the balance amount in full for the required services before the funeral, or if they do not wish to do so, we shall charge them as per the terms and conditions for cancellation of Plan.

Change of Address

Change of Address has to notify to us immediately.

In case, if you are shifting to any other place where our services are not available, or if the Plan is unclaimed by your Representative, a Plan should be open and transferable, you can transfer the plan to any relative, friend by paying registration cost.


You may appoint a Representative to act on your behalf – Executors, Trustee who has been legally appointed by you.

Repatriation /Shifting/ Transport

If the Body has to be moved to another place for Cremation / Burial other than the address given, or if the services of Ambulance / Hearse is required to shift / bring the Body from hospital to home, will be charged extra. Shifting the Body outside Mumbai, will be charged extra.

Commercial terms

Charges for Unpaid / Bounced cheque will be charged at actuals Funeral Plan, once purchased shall remain valid for ever and no fees shall be increased by us.

If any services from the Plan selected by you is not desired by your Representative, No Refund for any costs will be given.

The Amount paid by you for the Funeral Plan will be kept much secured.

Plan Upgrading

You have the Option of Upgrading / changing the Plan, for a better & updated Plan and the difference of cost is payable by you.

Claiming Plan Benefits

At the time of claiming the Plan benefits, Original Plan should be presented along with the Death Certificate by your Nominee/ Appointed Representative.

Cancellation Charges

In case, you want to cancel the Plan and do not need a Refund, we can Transfer the Plan in the name of your immediate Blood relation.


All the information / Documents received from you will be Confidential.


I hereby declare that the above information given by me is True & Correct

I agree to the Terms & Condition laid down by Sukhant Funeral Management Pvt. Ltd.

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