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Moksh, a leading package of Sukhant Funeral for preplan funeral services in Mumbai, understands that talking about death is not easy, but it is an inevitable part of life. Planning for one’s funeral in advance can ensure that their wishes are fulfilled and ease the burden on loved ones during a difficult time. Sukhant ensures this preplanning is well executed and assists the families throughout, with its Moksh – preplan package funeral service in Mumbai.  

We spend our entire lives working towards our goals and ambitions, but death is an ultimate truth that we must accept. Sukhant’s antim sanskar seva service in Mumbai provides compassionate care and support to grieving families and ensures a dignified and respectful final farewell to the departed soul, providing peace and salvation.

At SUKHANT, we strive to make life complete by offering reliable and compassionate funeral services in Mumbai. We understand the importance of preplanning and offer a range of services to help individuals plan for their final journey.

When it comes to preplanning your funeral services, Sukhant Antim Sanskar Seva Services in Mumbai is your trusted companion. We understand the importance of a well-organized and personalized farewell, ensuring that your final wishes are carried out with utmost respect and dignity. Sukhant Antim Sanskar Seva Services and funeral services in Mumbai provides a compassionate and professional team that guides you through the entire process, offering a range of customizable options to suit your preferences and religious beliefs. From selecting the venue to arranging transportation and coordinating rituals, our expertise and attention to detail make certain that every aspect is handled seamlessly. By pre-planning with Sukhant Antim Sanskar Seva Services, you not only relieve your loved ones of the burden of making these decisions during a difficult time, but you also ensure that your farewell reflects your unique life and values, leaving a lasting tribute for those who cherish your memory. We are also known for offering a variety of other services to ensure a seamless experience! 

Need of Hour…

1. Nuclear family.
2. Parents staying alone & children staying abroad.
3. Senior citizen being alone at home.
4. Generation Gap in thoughts.
5. Today’s Lifestyle, fast track life….
6. No one has free time neither for self nor for others.
7. Changed attitude of neighbors.
8. Unaware about the rituals / culture (Various religions, casts 7 sub-castes each having their individual variations in the rituals).

When Death Occurs…

1. Generally we are alone at home.
2. Immediate family (& decision makers) is grief-struck.
3. Who should be informed about the death occurred & who will make the calls to inform the relatives & friends.
4. No one has any idea about the cost involved or the transportation needed.
5. From where to buy the materials needed to performed the last rituals.
6. Where & how to perform the last rituals.
7. When & how to take the person there.
8. No one has any idea how to make the bier (Tirdi).
9. What steps or what process is needed to perform the last rituals.
10. Lack of man power.
11. Staying in tower & huge complex has to abide by the society rules….
Can’t use lift due to size of the stretcher.

Clarity and Advantage

1. You want to have a dignified and respectful cremation.
2. You want your final rituals to happen in a certain way.
3. It reduces stress on your family & friends at a highly emotional time.
4. It shows you care about those that you leave behind.
5. Your family may be away and may take a while to reach you at this unfortunate moment.
6. It makes your wishes clearly known, so that there will be no guessing on the part of your family.
7. You want to give life to someone who will live even after you have gone.(Proud to be a organ donor).

Life Advantage

1. Prompt Service. We are just a call away from you when you need us the most. SUKHANT’s team will be present within a very short span of time post receiving the information of the death along with antim sanskar material & infrastructure to carry out the funeral process.
2. Pre-Plan, Sukhant will be in regular touch with the plan holder.
3. A well respected and trusted funeral director will perform the funeral service.
4. In case your family stay away from you or you are single or have lost your better half, taking the MOKSH Plan will ensure that you still get a dignified funeral ceremony that you deserve.
5. Most Important: You are in trusted and safe hands of those who are not only well experienced but also caring, compassionate and committed about ensuring that you get what you wanted and the way you wanted.
6. No decisions will be left to strangers.
7. You will be remembered in this world forever.

Pre-Plan Moksh Features

1.Gives peace of mind to you & your family.
2.It is simple and easy to arrange and can be done from the comfort of your home.
3.We ensure that everything is implemented in accordance with your wishes.
4.Our plans cover the cost of the cremation no matter how much costs rise in the future.
5.We assure caring, compassionate and professional services to all the individuals and their dear ones we serve.
6.You will have taken care of the funeral arrangements in advance.
7.There are no upper age limits, no health restrictions and no medical questions to answer.
8.With the clients consent we can arrange for eye donation & Organ donation.
9.The policy is Transferable.


Sr. No.ServicesSilver Plan Rs.42,000.00
1While the plan holder is alive his/her birthday. Other Golden Moments would be celebrated.  ✔
2Wedding Anniversary if both is alive.  ✔
3Golden Moments would be celebrated. (60th / 90th Birthday, 25th / 50th / 75th / 90th Wedding Anniversary, Social Award in Specific Field) This will be done to ensure we can bring as much joy possible in the plan holder’s life while alive and also help improve his/her self-esteem.  ✔
4A well-equipped A/C ambulance will be provided to move the body of the deceased from the hospital to the latter’s house and then to the crematorium.  ✔
5Funeral material, bier would be provided including making of the bier. Garland, Flower, Clothe & Cloth sheet, etc. would be provided.  ✔
6Manpower would be provided in case the body has to be moved from one place to another and also assist throughout the cremation process.  ✔
7We will help you in completing formalities related to cemetery registration & arrangements.  ✔
8We will assist in providing people who will carry out the funeral eg. Brahmin, Bhatji, Jangam, Purohit. (Funeral Day)  ✔
9We will provide a photo frame 12” X 15” inch of the deceased for all the rites and rituals to be carried out post death. (the photograph used here is the one the plan holder had selected while taking the advance plan.)  ✔
10Clean drinking water, facility to sit and appropriate care and attention would be provided to all the relatives and well-wishers of the deceased who are present at the crematorium.  ✔
11All relatives, friends, well-wishers and acquaintances of the deceased would be informed about the death through phone call or SMS.  ✔
12We will help in immersion of ashes (asthi visarjan) once the funeral and all immediate rituals post that are completed. (around 20KM area)  ✔
13Sukhant will provide 10 copies of The BMC Death Certificate to Nominee.  ✔
14If Required then Sukhant will arranged Nearest Govt. Hospital Morgue facility. For 48 hrs. only.  ✔
15We will help in completing all necessary formalities for eye donation, organ donation and body donation of the plan holder post his/her written consent for the same.  ✔

Add-on Services:- (Charges are extra)

Tribute News in Newspaper | Condolence Meeting Arrangement | Mourners Food Arrangement

Offer Services

1. We will help in immersion of ashes (asthi visarjan) once the funeral and all immediate rituals post that are completed.

2. The BMC Death Certificate will be delivered at your house.

3. We will help in completing all necessary formalities for eye donation, organ donation and body donation of the plan holder post his/her written consent for the same.

4. We also assist to plan holder for making will, nomination & legal help.

Terms and Conditions

Plan Termination :

The Subscriber can terminate the Sukhant Services by giving notice in writing to Sukhant, in which case the Subscription fees shall not be refundable.
The Sukhant Services can be terminated by Sukhant by notice either writing and by sending to its individual Subscribers or by a common notice by way of publication in a newspaper. In such case, Sukhant shall refund the Subscription fees to the Subscriber without any interest thereon.
Sukhant may fothwith without any prior notice to the Subscriber at its sole discretion suspend or cancel or revoke the Sukhant Services hereunder, if at any time the continuance of such service becomes contrary to the instructions ordirections issued by any regulatory / statutory authority or any Government or its agency or is against public policy or in the opinion of Sukhant, it is expedient for Sukhant to do so and the Subscriber shall not claim any damage or compensation from Sukhant in this regard except refund of Subsciriber fees without any interest thereon.
In case Subscriber cancel the Plan then Sukhant will transfer this plan to Subscribers relative or friends by paying nominal registration charges. In this case first Subscriber all rights disoled.

Promotions :

Sukhant will have the right to use photographs, testimonials, feedback, AV of the Subscriber and his/her family/friends to promote it’s service through it’s Website, Social Media, Print Media. While doing so Sukhant will ensure that in no ways would be harm/demean the social status of the Subscriber.

Assignment :

Sukhant will have the right to transfer and/or assign Sukhant Services under these terms and conditions, to any third party without any intimation to Subscriber.

Majuere :

If Sukhant fails to comply with any of its obligations under these terms and conditions by reason of force majuere such failure shall not be regarded as a breach of its obligation/s. force majuere shall be deemed to include any act of event which is unforeseen/unforeseeable or irressible or outside the control of either of the Parties having a direct influence on the execution of these terms and conditions which in paticular results from acts of God, revolution, war, political disturbance, public disorders, fires, floods, explosions, epidemics, quarantine and strikes or labour disputes and which prevent the implementation of Sukhant Services either in whole or in part.

Jurisdiction :

Any dispute under arising under or related to these terms and conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Mumbai only.

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