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“SUKHANT” is an Organization that has been created with the aim of providing a dignified and respectful farewell to Life.  Life is impermanent. What comes has to go, what begins has to end, similarly what is born has to die. This is a universal truth which no one can change. When a new life comes into “this” World we all welcome it and celebrate it with pomp, similarly when this same life goes into the “other” world we must bid a goodbye with the same love, respect and compassion.
The ultimate truth of Life is that each one of us shall die one day. We spend our entire life struggling and working hard to achieve several goals & objectives that we have laid for ourselves. We are so occupied with our worldly needs that we are taken aback when death knocks at our door. At such a time when the family is distressed, “Sukhant Antim Sanskar Seva” takes care of providing a dignified and respectful final rituals & rites to deceased, thereby ensuring peace salvation to the departed soul.           “Concluding life with Dignity”

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What They Say

Mr. Harish M Kotak Mahindra , Banking Sector, Mumbai

The idea of making arrangement of your own funeral in advance can make most people feeling a little uneasy, but I think Sukhant is a good idea with their pre-arranged funeral plan called Moksh the family will be at ease by knowing what their loved one wanted.

Mr.Vijay Aundhe President ,Federation of Senior Citizens of Maharahstra, Mumbai Region.

Many Senior Citizens are living alone or there children are out of country after education and i have seen such citizens very closely. Sukhant Service will hopefully complete the need of such citizens.


    From the beginning of recorded history, societies have honored those who have died with a ceremony. According to beliefs at that time, the purpose of the ritual was to send the deceased on his or her journey into the afterlife. Today, however, many experts agree that the benefits of a service are for those who are left behind. In essence, it provides “closure” of sorts to help survivors adjust to their loss. It provides the opportunity for friends and family to celebrate the life that was lived and allow the healing process to begin.

    Savings and life insurance aren’t guaranteed to cover your funeral costs – whereas a pre-paid funeral plan is. And with funeral expenses rising year by year, you may find that savings and life insurance aren’t enough to cover the cost of the funeral. In addition, banks and life insurance providers will not arrange your funeral, but Sukhant Anthyvidhi Seva will. If you take out a funeral plan, you can freeze funeral costs at today’s prices, so no matter how much they rise, the cost of the cremation funeral services included in the plan will be guaranteed – meaning that loved ones are less likely to have to use any savings or inheritance you may have left them. What’s more, the funeral will be planned and pre-paid, so your loved ones won’t have the added stress of making all of the arrangements at a difficult and emotional time.

    As of the date all residents of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane can take Sukhant Anthyvidhi Seva’s services. We plan to expand across other cities of India shortly post which these services will be available at other locations as well

    Yes. This seva is provided under our service “Shradhanjali”. In event of death a family member / friend can contact Sukhant Anthyvidhi Seva. We will immediately arrange for the complete funeral rites including moving the body to the crematorium

    Yes. Once we receive a call informing about the death our team along with an ambulance and all necessary things for the funeral rites will be present

    Currently we are providing seva for all Hindu Funerals. In time to come we shall provide seva for other religions as well

    Call us on +91 8655808080 or +91 8655808085 for the same

    Yes. Shri Sanjay Ramgude the founder of Sukhant has provided his services for over 550+ Funerals in the past.

    Yes. You can request for any additional service besides the ones that are mentioned in the Plan. There will be a separate seva charge for the same

    Yes. However there would be certain refund charges that would be applicable

    The plan can be transferred to another family member / friend by completing the balance payment

    Once we have received your application form along with all necessary details and documents, we shall send to you a final copy of your Agreement/Contract with Sukhant AnthyVidhi Seva within a period of 35 days. The Agreement will detail all services that would be provided to you by Sukhant.

    Yes. You can pay by installments for the seva under Moksh

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