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How did it all start ?

Once, while shooting a film in Varanasi , Sanjay Ramgude observed that Varanasi ,which is not only the oldest living cities in the world, but also a very sacred place has endless number of people pouring in each day to perform the cremation of their beloved ones who have passed away. The Hindus believe that if a deceased's ashes are laid in the Ganges at Varanasi, their soul will be transported to heaven and will escape the cycle of rebirth. In the culture that believes in reincarnation, this concept called Moksh is profound. Except for the life that each one of us live, both our birth and death are in someone else's hands and also how we shall come and leave for the other world is decided by others.

In today's fast moving world concept of joint families is slowly becoming an outdated trend. One's own children want to live independently once grown up and self sufficient. An increasing number of old age homes are obvious evidence to this fact. In such circumstances the biggest worry one has is what will happen to me when I die. While I have spent my entire life fending for my loved ones will they be there next to me when I need them the most. All these thoughts and concerns lead to the birth of SUKHANT.  Literally meaning “Sukhad Anth” SUKHANT has been created with the intention of allowing one to have a dignified end just like one has had a dignified life. Like mentioned earlier, each one of us wants Moksh after death and we would not like to depend on just anyone one to deal with us once we are gone especially if our family is not available immediately at that moment. This fear also arises because the number of people in our society or community knowing the correct rites are few and most impose or try to dictate their ideas of how the final rites should happen according to what they think is correct

SUKHANT allows an individual to plan and prepare for his final rites well in advance, so that the day he moves to the other world all his rites and rituals will happen as per his wishes and likes. This will allow him to be at rest and stop worrying about his afterlife. In fact, even the near and dear ones of the individual can be rest assured that in the event of their not being around at the time of the latter's death, there is someone who will take care and do the immediate needful before they arrive for the remaining rites.

While planning one's own funeral is a very common concept in Western countries, it is something most of us are shy about talking in India. But look at this from a different perspective. Don't we plan for our family to be self sufficient after our death by investing in Insurance policies that pay post we die, or don't we donate our organs well in advance of our death so that someone will get life. So similarly here you are planning in advance, but for a change for yourself. This way not only do you take care of your final rites the way you want it to be, you also do not burden anyone with the trouble of having to do it. So become secure, independent and worry free about your last rites and the journey to the other world.

Become a part of the Sukhant Family and leave the rest to us.